A spacious home provides you with a warm and pleasant living environment - not being cramped with endless amounts of clutter but instead having freedom in your home.

What’s better than a spacious home? A beautiful warm spacious home, of course. So, here we’ve put together some interior design tips for the best living experience, note* make sure your lock's dont just look good but also meet existing insurance standards.

Paint the walls light colours

You should always opt for light colours when painting as it will open up the space and make it much brighter. Shades of beige, off white, pale blue and soft pink are best suited for spacious rooms.

The right colour can make a big difference to a room, making it airy and inviting. By pairing contrasting colours and embracing accent walls you can stop your space from feel cramped.

Put your bed to work

The largest item in your bedroom is without a doubt your bed. Unless you have a large bedroom it takes up most of your floor space and leaves little room for storage. This means you could clutter up most of the area with your other items because you’ve got nowhere else to put them.

For something a little different, and to maximise the space, look for a bed that has built-in drawers or lift up beds that allow you to lift the mattress up for easy access to under bed storage. Retailers such as Divan Beds Centre have a great range for you to choose from that will give you the extra bit of space you need.

Ornate mirrors

If you have a small living space one of the best ways to create the illusion of a large space is by putting an ornate mirror on one of the walls. This single piece of big furniture helps to draw the attention and makes your room seem bigger, acting as a focal point for your living area.

Multifunctional furniture

It’s always a good idea to choose multifunctional furniture (furniture that has legs) because it will make your room look less cluttered and more airy. When furniture rests directly on to the floor it ends up consuming a lot of your floor space. Being able to see the floor helps to create the illusion of more space.

Stop buying heavy, clunky furniture that looks like it’s fixed to the floor and opt for something more low profile and streamlined.

Make good use of stripes

Stripes are often forgotten about when it comes to interior design ideas but incorporating them to create a spacious home works perfectly. When we wear vertical stripes they make us appear taller - well, using them in your home can give the appearance of it being a lot higher and wider, and therefore  more spacious. Think about buying a rug, curtain or artwork that use stripes to give your room a look of length.

Fill your home with your personality through accessories that tell a story. Build a household on framed photos and sentimental items that add character to your home.