Why your home improvement business should be on the Internet

It is much more cost effective than yellow page ads only serve an area. A website can serve his county in full for less than the price of a basic yellow page ad.


It costs less and is greener than printing glossy brochures. Think about how many people ask to see their portfolio of his art. A website can show your pictures again and again at no additional cost.


Having a website that you qualify as an expert. Think of two businesses with all that is the same except one has a website and the other not. Who do you think most customers leave with? Well, a website your brand image in the minds of its customers.

Outside customers can reach the city. Yes I realize that if you work in Alaska is not the value of having someone see your website in California …. Is not it? Yes, it is because what if someone in California was about to move to Alaska and needed some home improvements done?



It is cheap these days to have a website. It do not cost thousands of dollars to make a nice web page. The smaller stores may have an attractive website for about $ 200.00-$ 300.00 annual maintenance and accommodation using about $ 120.00. So when you add to that is less than $ 1.00 per day. Most trades people “is broken, even if you have another client in a year. If an additional client will pay for the entire website.

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